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The New un-ordinary Episode Intro

Greg & Corrina Stanway travel the globe in search of un-ordinary vacations that anyone with a passion for adventure can replicate. Our new episode intro sequence includes scenes from Canada, Iceland, Mexico, Egypt, Emirates, Jordan, Israel, Hawaii, Cayman Island, Barbados, Italy, France and England.

A new season of 13 episodes is about to launch early summer 2013, visit un-ordinary.com in June to see the first new releases. Highlights include a trip to ancient Petra, a journey across the middle east and uncommon adventures spanning three continents.

  • Greg & Corrina Stanway
  • Greg & Corrina at the Grand Canyon
  • Greg & Corrina in Island
  • Greg & Corrina in Paris
  • Greg & Corrina at Chitzen Itza
  • Greg & Corrina at Stonehenge
  • Greg & Corrina in Egypt

Greg & Corrina Stanway share an unending passion for exploration and adventure. Both seasoned travellers, avid SCUBA divers, nature enthusiasts and successful business people, they share a life in Vancouver, Canada and abroad. Going beyond typical tourist sites, they actively seek un-ordinary adventures and share them through pictures and videos.