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In this episode of un-ordinary, we visit the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, to SCUBA dive the cenotes and underground river systems. The Maya believed the cenotes (sink holes filled with fresh water in the jungle) were the entrance to the underworld and a place of spiritual significance. During our visit, we dive Cenote Dos Ojos or “Two Eyes” and explore the vast underground, water filled caverns. A scene of stalactites and stalagmites, caverns full of bats and shimmering sunlight peaking through small holes to the surface all make this adventure one to remember.

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Uncovering Israel

In this episode:

Western Wall - Jerusalem

In this episode of un-ordinary, we visit Israel, a country of unique history, cultural richness and deep spirituality. This episode is broken into three parts; Jerusalem & Bethlehem, the Israel Coast and the Biblical North. These three distinct regions each offer a different dimension to the country and contain both natural & cultural treasures. Learn about the history (from pre-Roman to Crusader to Byzantine), the religious traditions and cultural heritage.

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Diving Maui : Shark Encounters

Plunge into the shark tank at the Ocean Centre and continue
into the open oceans as we encounter sharks and rays in the wild.

During a visit to Maui, we had the opportunity to dive in the Shark Tank at the Maui Ocean Centre. The tank is home to 28 sharks from 9 different species including tigers, hammerheads, sandbar, white tip, black tip and more. This no-cage unbelievable experience shows the true nature of sharks and helps dispel myths about the species.

After the Shark Tank, we explored the open ocean and dove with a number of sharks in the wild. We even ventured into underwater caves (made from old lava tubes) and found schooling sharks in the pitch darkness. We also encountered manta rays, turtles and much more while exploring the waters around Maui.

Diving Iceland : Extreme Waters

Exploring the continental rift & geothermal vents.


Iceland is truely a land of extremes and the breathtaking sites of volcanoes, waterfalls and glaciers on the land are mirrored by the spectacles beneath the waves.  Diving the continental rift between Europe & North America at Silfra creates opportunities found nowhere else in the world.  The visibility and geology of Silfra is a natural wonder and unlike any other dive in the world.

Further north near Akureyri, the geothermal vents of Strytan combines boiling fresh water from beneath the earth with the icy seawater of the surrounding ocean for an experience like no other.  Between the friendly guide, Erlunder, or the friendly wolf eels, this interactive experience will create lasting memories.

The Monestary in Petra

In this episode of un-ordinary, we visit Petra “the Rose City”, one of the Seven Wonders of the World and an extraordinary travel destination. Our tour begins with a walk through the Siq, followed by an explanation of the Treasury (or Al Khazneh). We then hire a Bedouin guide who takes us on mules to the High-Place of Sacrifice, the Monestary (Ad Deir) and the Roman Soldier Tomb. Learn about the Nabatean history, the modern Bedouin lifestyle and some of the key history of this breathtaking journey through history.

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